We have lenders that will do Low doc lending. We also have lenders that go off bank statements rather than financials. So “yes”, you do have options.

Not necessarily. All lenders have different guidelines, with many, if you meet the criteria they are looking for, “No”. But others you may pay a little more.

Depends on how long you’ve been in business, if you’ve been in business for more that 12 months, starts to open some doors. If you have a good credit score and decent bank statements, we can work with that too. So not necessarily.

Depending on how severe the credit issues are, we may be able to help.

Short answer is “potentially yes”. We will require documentation such as a work source letter if you are buying a machine to work with a specific employer.
Lenders may look at things like industry experience, business plan and projections. If able to supply required documentations, good chance we can.
Deposit can also go a long way with a new business venture. Lenders usually look for 20% contribution towards asset to mitigate their risk.

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